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During my time with GIVE Volunteers, I had the opportunity to take on a multitude of responsibilities. From managing social media accounts, to running social and google ad campaigns, to helping launch a new brand, website, and email campaign.

Having the opportunity to explore so many different roles in this position is what lead me to pursuing a career as a graphic designer. Although I now see visual design changes I would make, I am still proud of what I produced before enrolling in design school at Seattle Central Creative Academy.

Although a lot of my work with GIVE was marketing heavy, you can find a few of my more design-centric projects below.  Unfortunately, I left this role before having a better grasp on effectively gathering data and content before leaving a job. For that reason, you can learn more about these projects by getting in touch with me.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Marketing Cloud

Email Marketing
Visual Design

Print Design
Seasonal email concepted, designed, and executed for the 2017 Holiday Season

Ad utilized in social media campaigns

Email Marketing

When I started with GIVE, they were just about to launch a complete rebrand. I was lucky enough to be part of launching the new website and integrating their new branding into their email campaigns. 

I took on the responsbility of redesigning all of GIVE’s emails following the rebrand. Provided with the old emails and the preferred copy, I successfully relaunched the campaign within the new brand standards. This required photo editing, altering and adding copy, and creating engaging headlines and layouts.

I built out the emails in InDesign, and then moved them over to Pardot. You can see a few of the completed emails below. 

Website Assets & Social Ads 

GIVE Volunteers hosts hundreds of volunteers in 5 (now many more) locations around the world every summer. A major responsbility of mine was combing through and sorting the thousands of photos volunteers gathered over the course of a summer and prepping them for online use. 

I edited the images and produced digital assets for use on the new website, in social media ad campaigns, and in emails. You can find a few of these assets below.
Ad Layout primarily used for retargeting campaigns

Banner ad primarily used for retargeting campaigns (top)
Screenshot of social media ad campaign run in 2017 (middle)
Trip page navigation design (bottom)