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Quality Sleep Store

Web Design | Front-End Development | Marketing | Visual Design | Photography

Quality Sleep is a small, family-owned mattress store outside of Seattle that strives to improve people’s lives through better sleep. 

As the sole designer at the company, I worked alongside the E-Commerce team to develop a cohesive brand image, create and optimize content, and simplify the user experience on the website to increase the conversion rate for online sales. 

Content Page Design

One step we took towards establishing brand credibility and organically acquiring new users was optimizing and refining the website. We identified pages that had opportunities for improvement or opportunities to restructure and condense content.

I was responsible for producing mockups of the redesigned pages for our developer (or myself) to implement on the website. This included layout & UX design, content sourcing, copywriting, photography, and editing.

Email Redesign

Another area of improvement we identified was the new subscriber email campaign. This email pipeline begins when a user provides their email address on the website in exchange for a coupon code. 

Illustration & Other Projects

With such a small team, I was responsible for sourcing, researching, iterating on, finalizing, and implementing a majority of my projects. I was able to identify various areas of opportunity on the website and create assets or implement minor website adjustments that aided in developing a more cohesive brand image and a seamless user experience.