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During the summer of 2019 I completed a Graphic Design internship at Zumiez with the Brand Marketing department. My work was featured in stores, on the Zumiez website, the Zumiez stash app, and on Zumiez social media accounts. This internship evolved into an ongoing partnership where I continued to work as a contract Graphic Designer. You can check out my additional projects (here). 

I am happy to provide additional examples of my work and the expanded assets created for these projects, so please feel free to contact me!


This internship provided me with cross-department work experience that helped me develop a holistic understanding of how my work contributed to the overall goals of the organization. I collaborated with the creative and art directors, web team, and other members of the Home Office to bring designs to life. This experience also helped me learn how to effectively manage a mulititude of projects within their given deadlines.

During my internship I was encouraged to think outside the box and explore unconventional solutions. Employees are empowered to make bold choices and take risks. With the help of the greater design team I was able to take good ideas and evolve them into something mind blowing and unexpected. 
2019 & 2021


Layout Design

Environmental Graphics

Large scale mural I designed for Zumiez Home Office: Displayed from Aug 2019–Jan 2020

Holiday Sticker

The brand marketing design team was asked to work on concepts for the upcoming holiday seasonal signage and sticker that would be utilized for print assets in stores and digital assets for emails and website use. We worked independently on designs and concepts but came together to pitch, critique, and review work. My visual concept was originally pitched for in-store seasonal signage, but was selected to evolve into the upcoming holiday sticker design. Over 4 million prints of this sticker were distributed worldwide in Zumiez stores and online during the 2019-2020 holiday season.

Catch these stuck on car bumpers, stop signs, Zumiez store counters, video game consoles, and coolers near you.

Final, printed sticker placed on notebook

Digital versions were used across Zumiez social media accounts

Process: Moodboard

Process: Signage Evolution

Process: Sticker Iterations


In addition to the customer-facing work I did during my internship, I had the opportunity to work on projects that were exclusive to Home Office and Zumiez employees.


Rocktember (or Rocktober, depending on the time of year) is an annual event hosted at Home Office in Lynnwood. The event hosts regional, district and store managers from Zumiez retail locations across the globe as well as representatives from a multitude of Zumiez brands. It provides the opportunity for store employees to expand their knowledge of the Zumiez brand, connect with other employees, and have face to face interactions with the brands they carry in their stores.

Given the theme of travel as well as a logo and a few assets that were created by one of my design team members, I was tasked with developing a visual direction for the event. I spent 2 weeks working alongside the design team to develop additional signage and assets for the event.
Food tickets utilized at food trucks during the event

Staff and guest credential passes

Banners posted throughout the hotel where employees spent the event weekend

Sandwhich board signage used at the hotel and event

In-Store Events & Exclusive Brand Experiences

In partnership with brands that Zumiez carries in store, Zumiez hosts a multitude of in-store events and exclusive brand experiences. When working on these projects, I had the opportunity to create the in-store day of event signage, pre-promo digital and print promotional assets, and social media assets for my assigned events.

Swixxz In-Store Event

Maggie Lindemann, the founder of SWIXXZ clothing line, did a meet and greet event at a Zumiez store in Boston. I was responsible for all pre-promotion print and digital work (including emails and social media posts), day of event signage, activation assets and post-event digital assets.
Maggie signing posters at the event

Final printed poster, given to event attendees
Instagram Story Flyer for Swixxz Event

In-Store 14x11 Print Signage

In-Store 4x5 Printed Flyer

The Zumiez Stash

The Zumiez Stash features member exclusive opportunities to earn points and exchange them for the chance to win exclusive material prizes and experiences.

Zumiez Stash promotional business card distributed in stores